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After gaining so much excitement and momentum from my 100-Day Meditation Experiment (I’m on day 44!), I’ve decided to dive into another challenge: Read 16 books in 16 weeks. Reading personal development and business books is a huge passion of mine, so this is a super exciting challenge. I’ve always wanted to get to the Read More →

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Presence. The feeling of feeling. The experience of experience. It’s hard to describe in words. It means accepting what you’re experiencing, not judging or analyzing it, immersing yourself in the moment. This can be an incredibly powerful tool in your life. It teaches you what it means to focus. Meditation makes attaining presence so much Read More →

Tracking my progress through www.taskrise.com

Meditation is one of the hardest habits to start. I’ve struggled with it for years. That’s why I’ve started my own 100-day meditation challenge. To properly develop a habit, the results need to be quantifiable. You need to be able to measure your progress. Hopefully this strategy will be the solution! Here’s how it works: The Challenge: Sit Read More →

Finding Inspiration Text

Although school can provide for amazing learning experiences, there are many times when our classes just aren’t exciting. Whether it be a dry professor, unengaging content, or just a day when you’re tired, class can be boring. I’m actually writing this right now in class. And I’ll admit, about 10 minutes ago I was pretty Read More →

Video Experiment

Here’s a short video I just made on what’s to come in 2015: This year, I’m going to experiment with different methods of content. This means more videos, photos, drawings, animations, and slide shows. I’d love to hear feedback as I go along!