Finding Inspiration Text

Although school can provide for amazing learning experiences, there are many times when our classes just aren’t exciting. Whether it be a dry professor, unengaging content, or just a day when you’re tired, class can be boring. I’m actually writing this right now in class. And I’ll admit, about 10 minutes ago I was pretty Read More →

Video Experiment

Here’s a short video I just made on what’s to come in 2015: This year, I’m going to experiment with different methods of content. This means more videos, photos, drawings, animations, and slide shows. I’d love to hear feedback as I go along!

2015-01-03 16.46.12

Activities like exercise, meditation, gratitude and giving back can all do great things for your health, but you will always have limitations if your body is deficient in certain nutrients. This is where vitamins and supplements come in. Although it would be ideal to get all of your nutrients from food, it’s not always practical Read More →


One day while responding to a few emails, I saw a notification in the corner of my browser. A couple friends had sent me a link to the 2014 C3 Inspire Conference in Waterloo. The basic premise of this conference is to bring together highly motivated and entrepreneurial students to create a business plan and Read More →