Free time is one of the most valuable resources we have as humans. You can spend it on countless amounts of activities. Socializing. Studying. Working. Relaxing. The list goes on. While thinking about how I spend my time, I recently chose to log everything I did in one day. The results showed that although I wasn’t Read More →

2015-08-10 11.15.00

I can happily say that I’ve completed the 100-Day Meditation Experiment! My blog post is a tad late, as the official 100th day was at some point in July. Takeaways: Strong connection with my own body – sensations are stronger and I’m able to appreciate emotions on a much deeper level No longer resist negative Read More →

2015-05-24 13.04.50

After gaining so much excitement and momentum from my 100-Day Meditation Experiment (I’m on day 44!), I’ve decided to dive into another challenge: Read 16 books in 16 weeks. Reading personal development and business books is a huge passion of mine, so this is a super exciting challenge. I’ve always wanted to get to the Read More →