Wall of Influencers

I’ve recently started posting photos up on my wall of people that inspire me the most in life, and you should try it too. This could consist of athletes, CEOs, philosophers, spiritual teachers, coaches, meaningful family members, friends or anyone you admire. The reason why you should do this is it’s one of the easiest ways to lead yourself into a Read More →

A note from Psych - Intro to Learning & Behaviour

When taking notes during a lecture, you want to be focusing on two things: Writing down everything important. Drawing pictures. Now, you might be a bit thrown off by the second point. There isn’t enough time to draw pictures… And even there was, why should we waste our time drawing in a lecture that we paid to be in? Well Read More →

The beginning of each day is SO crucial to how your mood throughout the day will be. When you have structure in your mornings, you’re way more likely to be in a positive state of mind during the day. The key here is to develop a routine that excites you. Something that makes you look forward to going to bed, Read More →

Practicing self development activities for long enough will eventually lead to what I call a streak of awesomeness. To put it simply, this is when everything in your life is completely awesome. Your base state will be happiness, and you will have frequent peaks throughout the days where you’re so clear minded, so energized and so happy that Read More →